• Batmobile sketch design contest (2011)

    CarDesignFetish knows that you like cool cars.  We also know that you like to sketch cool cars.  What happens when you put the two together?  A really cool design contest, that’s what! We’re hosting our first ever sketch contest on CDF, and it centers around a classic vehicle: the Batmobile.  Gotham’s masked detective has one of the most iconic rides around, filled with gadgets, weapons, and style.  The goal is for you to create/sketch a Batmobile concept, but to do so in 2 hours or less and send them over to us.  Pencil sketches, Photoshop, Painter… whatever you want to use to create it is up to you.  We just want to see a great idea (or two). The focus is to be creative, but not over-render an image.  Just an hour or two will suffice to get a cool sketch or rendering creation out there.

    Each entry will be evaluated on merits of cool design and sketching basics, so perspective and proportion will be important.  Will it be a classic 60′s Batmobile, a newer Tumbler-style?  Will you take a crack at Tim Burton’s Batmobile, or something completely different?

    The solution was to create as quickly as possible (in one and a half hours) a batmobile inspired by the last movies with a touch of sport car and suv qualities as well...a mix between a lamborghini and a humvee...