• Collectionis Illustrations (2012)

    Collectionis.com is a website about the collection of scale models; on the site there are analyses of these scale models and their corresponding actual models; references to different types of scale models, from cars to construction vehicles, without forgetting to include articles about toy car museums and activities of model collectors.

    In order to give a touch of class to the website, and as a differentiator, it has been asked to made sketches and illustrations of certain models that analyze and accompany photographs of these models.

    The purpose has been to elaborate the illustrations and drawings of these vehicles, avoiding making “portraits” and opting more for sketches that show the vehicles’ lines, making them easily recognizable.

    The sketches have been made with traditional tools (pen, pencil, markers…) and also on occasion with digital tools (photoshop + Wacom tablet).


    For the SIHH 2009, IWC had to present to the media the novelties of the brand. One of these novelties was the new DaVinci Perpetual calendar.

    For the press was designed a new booklet for show all these novelties. A new booklet was designed to show all these novelties to the press. Inside the booklet, the way to present this watch, that in a way it´s a homage of Leonardo´s legacy, was to show some aspects and technical details like leonardo´s sketches.

    In the booklet, the illustrations of the watch were sketched in the style of Leonardo, as a way to pay homage to his legacy.

    I have drawn the mechanism and , with the colaboration of the IWC graphic design staff, the ilustration was finished as seen.