• Cazaña Design (2009)

    Cazaña Design, a business dedicated to high-end faucets, needed ideas for commercial furniture showcases in their store windows that could display and store a product on their line; a shower telephone with LED lights that instantly turned on when the shower started.

    The goal was to design a furniture showcase that displayed these qualities and used the telephone shower (with lights included) in a fun and easy way. At the same time the showcase should serve as storage for the telephone shower boxes in the store.

    The solution was that the cabinet and its stand, made of methacrylate, imitated the form of a water jet, a puddle on the floor. It clearly showed, lighthearted and fun as requested, the LED colors of the phone, achieving the project goal and placing it above all the others in the market. The storage space would be inside the light box of the cabinet.


    IWC watches is one of the most important luxury-watch swiss brands. They created a belt buckle inspired in the shape of Da Vinci’s watch case for the accesories collection.

    I tried to develop different solutions. First, I have developed classical ardillon style, and pin-buckle, with different finishes linked with the watch-making motive.

    In a second phase of the project, i was challeged to create a “complicated“ belt buckle. The challenge was to create a buckle inspired by an airplane seat belt buckle that could also be loosened easily. I develop several aesthetic proposals and the closing system as well.

    Finally i came back to the ardillon system without the mechanism..


    To perform a newly advanced study program: “El Vino: Conocer y comunicar,” IED Madrid was in the Madrid International Wine Fair showing a selection of 2nd year Graphic Design student projects about labels and wine packaging. Its was neccesary to create a stand for show these projects and show the IED´s values. It was important to create a stand to show these projects and IED’s values.

    The stand must have storage and information zones and space to show these projects. The stand must have enough space to store, have information, and show these projects. The space distribution and furniture (except BD Love Lamp by Ross Lovegrove) were developed for this project.

  • Collectors Screens (2005)

    Collecting is a passion. A true collector is excited by and enjoys not only the search of the object, but also the act of finally possessing it. Collecting is about being knowledgeable - knowing what is collected and sharing and exchanging that information with other collectors. However, collectors often encounter a problem: so much to collect with nowhere to put it all.

    Everyone knows someone who collects something. Collectors live with others and share space with others but often times those with whom they live don’t know how to handle collector’s items. How is it possible to display objects so they can be safely stored and protected in some kind of “transformable” furniture?

    “Can i touch it?” is a slotted screen that is able to accommodate a number of adaptable boxes that can be used to display, store and protect collectors items. The screen features two way hinges and wheels that allows you two principal display options. The first option, (closed) encases the objects from the inside and displays them on the outside. The second option, (opened) allows the collector access to their items and a desk that can be used for the cleaning and maintenance of collectibles.